Shihan Terry O’Shea

Shihan Terry O’Shea Is one of the senior instructors at Downers Grove Boxing and Martial Arts.He started his martial arts career in 1980 at the age of 17. As a young man, he found a school that taught American Kenpo Karate and he was hooked. He considers himself fortunate he found such a great art form on the first try.

Shihan Terry has a 7th-degree Black Belt in American Kenpo and has studied Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and wrestling. Having achieved such success, one might wonder what keeps him coming back to train.

“It’s almost spiritual to me. If I don’t train for a week, I go batty. I love the personal challenge. It keeps me in check.”

He also notes that he’s a constant student. He does enjoy teaching as well, finding lots of enjoyment in seeing people transform themselves.

“I get to touch and improve people’s lives. I can help people progress through life.”

For new students who might be intimidated by this instructor who was elected into the United States International Martial Arts Hall of Fame as a Master Instructor, he talks of how they remind him of his first day and how he works to make them feel welcome and start them on a their journey.

“Throughout the years, I’ve been lucky to train with some incredible people and it’s made me realize how lucky I’ve been to have found Kenpo as my first art.”