Self-defense and self improvement meet at the heavy bag.

Kickboxing at Downers Grove Boxing & Martial Arts is a great way to get in shape and learn self-defense
Our Kickboxing program is designed for people who have a desire to get in shape in a safe and fun environment. In your workouts, you will be joined by boxing champions and dedicated martial artists with decades of experience. You will be surrounded by a strong, motivational and inspiring group of people. Under the supervision of our experienced coaching staff, you will pair up with a partner and together you will hold each other accountable through each workout. The workouts are challenging for all fitness levels and change every day, so you will never get bored doing the same routine.
Each class is composed of these 4 components: Instruction, Skill Based Training, Core Conditioning and Cardio.
Instruction – You will learn all the Kickboxing basics like punches, kicks, knees, footwork and defense!
Skill Based Training – Practice your punches and kicks on the heavy bag, using the focus mitts and a variety of other kickboxing drills.
Core Conditioning – Strengthen your core with solid exercises like planks, crunches, pushups and burpees just to name a few!
Cardio – You will be skipping rope, performing footwork drills and doing plyometrics.
Sign up today and let us help you find your inner Kickboxer!

Check out photos from kickboxing classes at the gym