Recreational Boxing
Learn to box and get in great shape

Learn to box at Downers Grove Boxing & Martial Arts
Recreational boxing classes are designed for men, women and kids that have the desire to learn the art of boxing and get in shape in a safe and fun environment. In your work out, you will be joined by some of the best amateur and professional boxers in the business, so you will be surrounded by a strong, motivational, and inspiring group of people. Under the supervision of our experienced coaching staff, you will work in groups, or pair up with a partner. Together you will hold each other accountable through each workout. The workouts are challenging and change every day and every week so you will not get bored doing the same things over and over.
Each class is composed of these 4 components: Instruction, Skill Based Training, Core Conditioning and Cardio.
 Instruction – You will learn all the Boxing basics like punches, footwork, head movement and defense!
Skill Based Training – Practice your punches on the heavy bag, using the focus mitts and a variety of other boxing drills.
Core Conditioning – Strengthen your core with solid exercises like planks, crunches, pushups and burpees just to name a few!
Cardio – You will be skipping rope, performing footwork drills and doing plyometrics.
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